About Salus


Office of the President

Office of Academic Affairs

  • Janice E. Scharre, OD, MA, FAAO, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Karen S. Boykin, Executive Assistant to the Vice President
  • Victor Bray, PhD, Dean, George S. Osborne College of Audiology
  • Lori Grover, OD, PhD, Dean, Pennsylvania College of Optometry
  • Audrey J. Smith, PhD, Dean, College of Education and Rehabilitation
  • TBN, Dean, College of Health Science
  • Mitchell Scheiman, OD, Dean of University Research
  • William A. Monaco, OD, MSEd, PhD, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs in Biomedicine
  • Abraham Gonen, OD, Associate Dean, Global Development
  • Lorraine Lombardi, PhD, Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs and Post -Graduate Studies
  • Anthony F. Di Stefano, OD, MEd, MPH, Director, Public Health Programs
  • Janice Mignogna, FAAO, Director, Irving Bennett Business and Practice Management Center
  • Melissa Padilla, MPH, Administrative Director, Office of Professional Studies and International Programs
  • Wendy Woodward, Manager, Academic Finance

Pennsylvania College of Optometry

  • Lori Grover, OD, PhD, Dean
  • Melissa Trego, OD, PhD, Associate Dean for the Scholars Program; Associate Dean, Foundations of Optometric Medicine; Director, Scholars Program
  • Joan Wing, OD, Director, Integrative Studies
  • Jean M. Pagani, OD, Interim, Associate Dean, The Practice of Optometric Medicine; Director, Externship Program
  • Melissa Vitek, OD, Director, Electives and Advanced Studies; College Liaison to Office of Professional Studies and International Programs
  • Helene Kaiser, OD, Director, Traineeship Program
  • Maria Parisi, OD, Director, Externship Program
  • Michael Rebar, OD, Director, In-House Residency Programs
  • Shital Mani, OD, Director, Off-Campus Residency Programs
  • Elizabeth Tonkery, OD, Director, Clinical Education, Scholars Program
  • Ms. Stacie Goldsmith, Program Manager

George S. Osborne College of Audiology

College of Education and Rehabilitation

  • Audrey J. Smith, PhD, Dean; Executive Director, Institute for the Visually Impaired
  • TBN, Associate Dean
  • Fabiana
  • Fern Silverman Director, Occupational Therapy Program
  • Lauren Sponseller, MSOTR/L, MEd, Academic Fieldwork Coordinator,Occupational Therapy Program
  • Carolyn Mayo, PhD, CCC_SLP, Director, Speech-Language Pathology
  • Fabiana Perla, EdD, Director, Orientation and Mobility Programs
  • Lynne Dellinger, MS,Director, Program for Teachers of Children with Blindness and Visual Impairment
  • Kerry Lueders, MS, Coordinator, Low Vision Rehabilitation Program
  • Lachelle Smith, MS, Coordinator, Vision Rehabilitation Therapy Program

College of Health and Sciences

Physician Assistant Program

  • Richard C. Vause, Jr, DHSc, PA-C, Director, Physician Assistant Program
  • John J. Fitzgerald III, DO, Associate Director, Physician Assistant Program
  • TBN, Clinical Coordinator
  • Daniel P. Scott, MPAS, PA-C, Academic Coordinator
  • Joy Henderson, MMS, PA-C, Assistant Clinical Coordinator

Public Health Program

Office of Graduate Programs in Biomedicine

  • William A. Monaco, OD, MSEd, PhD, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs in Biomedicine
  • Joan Bell, Educational Program Coordinator

Office of Technology and Library Services

  • William A. Brichta, MBA, MS, Chief Information Officer
  • Glenn R. Roedel, MS, MCNE, MCSE, Director of Client Services
  • Len Campbell, Director of Network Security
  • Michael Kilczewski, Medical Software, TEI
  • Keith Lammers, MS, Director, Library Services
  • Jill Leslie, Assistant Director of Instructional Technologies

Office of Institutional Advancement

  • Lynne C. Corboy, MS, MPH, Director, Development
  • Jamie Lemisch, Director, Annual Giving and Alumni Relations
  • Peggy Shelly, Coordinator, University Publications and Communications
  • Jeanne Zearfoss, Coordinator, Development Support Systems

Office of Student Affairs

  • James M. Caldwell, OD, EdM, Dean
  • Shannon Boss, Registrar
  • Monica Maisto, MS, Director, Admissions
  • Kendall Rosen, Director, Hafter Student Community Center Programs
  • Nancy M. Griffin, Associate Director, Admissions
  • Ryan Hollister, Associate Director of Admissions
  • Larry Walsh, MA, Associate Director of Admissions
  • Monae Kelsey, MS, Associate Director of Student Engagement/Assistant Director, Admissions
  • Sharon Noce, Associate Director, Student Financial Affairs
  • Jaime Schulang, Associate Director, Student Financial Affairs
  • Patricia Burke, Assistant Registrar
  • Blaine Carfagno, Assistant Registrar
  • Melissa Tran, MA, Assistant Director of Admissions 
  • Christopher Speece, Officer, Admissions
  • Natalie Leckerman, MSS, Consulting Counselor
  • Ms. Chawn Thomas, Administrative Assistant to the Dean 
  • Ms. Amanda Lusaitis, Student Affairs Coordinator 

Office of Finance

  • Donald Kates, CPA, Vice President, Finance
  • Maureen Owens, MBA, Controller
  • Esther Colon, Bursar
  • Lawrence H. McClure, PhD, Associate Dean, Student Financial Affairs 
  • Richard Echevarria, Director, Physical Plant
  • Wayne Pancza, Director, Safety and Security
  • David Wisher, Assistant Bursar
  • Barbara Tilford, Manager, Budget

The Eye Institute

  • John M. Gaal, FACHE, Vice President for Clinical Operations
  • G. Richard Bennett, OD, Director, Glaucoma Center of Excellence
  • Connie Chronister, OD, Chief
  • Stephanie Heaton, MS, Co-Director, William Feinbloom Vision Rehabilitation Center; Manager, Prevention of Blindness Program
  • Helene Kaiser, OD, Director, Quality Assurance
  • Kelly Malloy, OD, Chief, Neuro-Ophthalmic Disease Service
  • Jeffrey Nyman, OD, Director, Emergency Services
  • Jean M. Pagani, OD, Chief
  • Michael Rebar, OD, Chief
  • Christopher Rinehart, OD, Chief
  • Ruth Shoge,OD, Chief, Department of Pediatric & Binocular Vision Services
  • Joel Silbert, OD, Director, Cornea and Specialty Contact Lens Service
  • Alexis Abate, Coordinator, Marketing
  • Mary Jameson, Assistant Director, Specialty Services
  • Celeste Tucker, Assistant Director, Primary Care Services
  • Sabrina Marshall, Manager, Patient Accounts

Pennsylvania Ear Institute

  • Victor H. Bray, Jr., PhD, Interim Director
  • Susan Calantoni, AuD, Clinical Educator
  • Rebecca Blaha, AuD, Clinical Educator
  • Zorina Mikhelson, AuD, Clinical Educator
  • Bre Myers, AuD, Adjunct Clinical Educator
  • Elizabeth Sedunov, AuD, Adjunct Clinical Educator