Alumni Awards

Public Service Award

This award is presented to a person (or organization), preferably of national standing, who (which) has made a recent significant contribution to Salus University or to their profession. 

Award Recipients
Year Awarded to:
* Deceased
2014 Marcia M. Shaull, Chief Administrative Officer, MD-14 (Pennsylvania) Council of Lions Clubs
2013 New Jersey Academy of Optometry (NJAO)
2009 American Foundation for the Blind
2000 Honorable Allyson Y. Schwartz, PA State Senator
1992 John M. Torok, Partner, The Torok Group
1989 Honorable John J. Shumaker, PA State Senator
1988  Maurice C. Clifford, MD, Commissioner, Dept. of Public Health, City of Philadelphia
1986 Samuel S. Fels Fund
1985 University City Science Center
1984 Better Vision Institute, Inc.
1983  American Foundation for the Blind
1982  Dr. William Feinbloom*, Vision Rehabilitation Pioneer
1981 The E. F. Wildermuth Foundation
1980  World Medical Relief,  Mrs. L. G. Auberlin, President
1978  Mr. Richard G. Hill, Senior Member, Bureau of Health Manpower, Region II
1977 Mr. Richard A. Doran, Managing Partner, Greater Philadelphia Partnership
1976 Dr. Lester Kieft*, Chairman, PA Lions Sight Conservation and Eye Research Foundation
1975 Dr. William W. Policoff*, Founder, Vision Clinic of Allied Services
1972 Honorable Daniel J. Flood*, U.S. House of Representatives
1970 Honorable James A. Byrne*, U.S. House of Representatives
1968 LIONS International
1967 Honorable Abraham A. Ribicoff*, U.S. Senator from Connecticut
1966  Luci Baines Johnson