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Since 2000, when we launched our AuD degree distance education program on AuDonline, we have been proud to offer quality online education to our students. Designed specifically for working, licensed practitioners who wanted to complete a Doctor of Audiology (AuD) degree, the AuDonline program saw its last class of Doctors of Audiology graduate in 2010, bringing the total of our AuDonline graduates to 2,119.

With the Doctor of Audiology (AuD) degree now established as the profession’s entry-level clinical degree, the Osborne College of Audiology is committed to providing new distance education that offers professionals additional educational opportunities combined with online flexibility. Utilizing our distance education program experience, our programs are specifically designed for working audiology professionals who can choose from a variety of quality online programs designed to enhance their knowledge in professional skill areas.

The first of these new programs, Advanced Studies in Cochlear Implants, ran from May 2011 through March 2012.  Based on the success of this inaugural Advanced Studies course, which received high ratings from faculty and students, the College developed a second course, Tinnitus and Hyperacusis, which was launched in August 2013. A third cohort for the Advanced Studies in Cochlear Implants course was held in May 2013.  

Our Advanced Studies certificate programs are a limited enrollment, forty week, interdisciplinary program that present audiology professionals with an in-depth study of a specialized area of practice taught by noted specialists. Students receive current research, up to date information and best practices from faculty who helped to create and establish them for the profession. A graduate certificate in Advanced Studies from the Salus University Osborne College of Audiology is earned by all students who successfully complete the course of study.

Certificate Programs for Academic 2014-2015

  • Advanced Studies in Cochlear Implants
  • Advanced Studies in Tinnitus and Hyperacusis
  • Advanced Studies in Vestibular Sciences and Disorders

Additional Advanced Studies certificate programs are planned. Please email, or check back on the University’s website for further information.


The Advanced Studies certificate programs are designed to expand the knowledge, improve the clinical skills, and promote general expertise in the delivery of audiology services. The courses of study will bring the professional up to date on the state of the science in diagnosis and treatment of specific auditory disorders.

Advanced Studies certificate programs consist of six to eight graduate-level courses that require nine to twelve months of study. To support international participation, course delivery is wholly online in an asynchronous mode. Students who successfully complete the program receive graduate-level certificates in Advanced Studies from Salus University Osborne College of Audiology.

This program is open to college degree holders (BS, MS, AuD, MD, PhD, etc.) of audiology or audiology-related professions in the United States and other countries. Courses are taught in English. The Advanced Studies certificate programs utilize the Pearson eCollege Learning Studio platform via the portal to deliver web-based instruction to students.

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