George S. Osborne College of Audiology

International Doctor of Audiology (AuD) Degree Bridge Program

Financial Information

Tuition 2014-2015

Tuition for this program is $350 per semester credit, with a degree requirement of 45 semester credits. All six-week didactic courses are 1.5 academic credits. All four-day workshops are 1.5 academic credits. Students may register for up to two courses per session, or four courses per quarter. (Note: each academic quarter has two, six-week academic sessions.) Tuition payment is due quarterly, after registration is completed and before the start of classes.


Application fee is $100. Payment of this one time, non-refundable fee is due with the application to the program.

Technology fees are as follows:
Salus University technology fee: University technology fees are $120 per quarter. The University technology fee payment for each quarter is due after registration has been completed, and must be paid before the start of classes. (Note: the calendar year has four academic quarters and each quarter has two, six-week academic sessions. University technology fees for this program are paid four times per year.)

eCollege technology fee: a one time, non-refundable, eCollege technology fee of $2,000 applies. The eCollege technology fee payment is due on acceptance to the program and before classes start.

Commencement fee: The commencement fee is $180. This fee is payable in the first semester of the year in which the student graduates.

All fees and tuition costs shown here are subject to change.

University’s refund policy