College of Education and Rehabilitation

Department of Blindness and Low Vision Programs

Financial Planning


  • Activity Fee: $260 per year, if on-campus and is pro-rated for on-campus terms
  • Technology fee: $115 per term
  • Graduation fee: $175

Books and Instruments:

Required and recommended books may be purchased through the University Bookstore on the Elkins Park campus. Students should expect to pay approximately $1,000 per term if full-time and $500 per term if part-time for their books and equipment.

Living Expenses  (12 week summer program)

In planning for living expenses, students should consider room, board, transportation, medical, dental and personal expenses. Students must provide their own transportation and housing during these assignments.

Note: Due to the responsibilities required of Orientation and Mobility Specialists, specifically the need to transport students and clients to appropriate learning environments and to travel efficiently to, from and among students and clients, O&M students must have access to efficient transportation and auxiliary means of transportation.