College of Education and Rehabilitation

Department of Blindness and Low Vision Programs

Scholarships and Grants

The University offers students a number of grants and scholarships each year that provide incentive for learning and research. These awards are monetary gifts and do not require repayment.

All scholarships are based on academic performance and financial need unless otherwise indicated below.  Unless otherwise noted, application for the following audiology scholarships should be made through the University Institutional Financial Aid Office (215.780.1332 or


The Salus University College of Education and Rehabilitation often has scholarships and student stipends available to support the study of matriculating U.S. citizens. Matriculating students are those who apply for specific programs and intend to earn their degree or certificate.

These scholarships are most often funded through the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, and either the Rehabilitation Services Administration or Office of Special Education programs. Students enrolled in one of our off-campus programs may have additional tuition support made available through contributions from the Department of Education of their state of residence.

Scholarships average between 50% to 100% tuition coverage in one of the four areas of study available through the University.

Students studying in one of the University's off-campus programs may have additional tuition support made available through contributions from the student’s own state department of education.

U.S. citizens who plan to be either full or part-time students are encouraged to inquire as to availability of scholarships at the time of their application for study. At this time, there are no scholarship funds available for students who wish to register for just one or a few courses, although individuals are encouraged to take courses for continuing professional development or to refresh or update knowledge and skills. Scholarships are not available to non-degree students. 

Low Vision Rehabilitation Scholarships

The program was awarded  $500,000 for a five-year training grant for Low Vision Rehabilitation Specialist scholarships.

Rehabilitation Services Administration Scholarships*

The Rehabilitation Services Administration, historically, has provided scholarships for matriculated students in:

  • Master of Science Program in Orientation & Mobility Therapy
  • Master of Science or Certificate Programs in Vision Rehabilitation Therapy (formerly Rehabilitation Teaching)
  • Master of Science or Certificate Programs in Low Vision Rehabilitation

Scholarships are currently available in all Master of Science Programs.

Office of Special Education Programs Scholarships*

Scholarships from the Office of Special Education Programs are available for matriculating students in:

  • Master of Education/Certificate Programs in Education of Children and Youth with Visual or Multiple Impairments
  • Certificate Program in Orientation and Mobility Therapy.

*Scholarships from the Rehabilitation Services Administration and Office of Special Education Programs have a work payback requirement. If you are enrolled in a one year full-time program, your work payback requirement would be two years of service "in a non-profit rehabilitation agency or related agency, including a professional corporation or professional practice group through which the agency has a service arrangement with the designated State agency", or two years of services in special education teaching children with visual impairments.