The Eye Insititue's mission is to provide comprehensive vision care while providing the highest quality clinical education.

The Eye Institute

The Eye Institute

Oak Lane Campus
1200 West Godrey Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19141

The Eye Institute’s mission is to provide competent, comprehensive and patient-centered vision care to all who seek services, while providing the highest quality clinical education to the Pennsylvania College of Optometry’s optometric interns. In pursuit of its mission, The Eye Institute (TEI) offers a vast array of services to care for the visual needs of persons of all ages and to manage routine and not so routine vision and ocular health problems. In the spirit of being true to its mission and continuing its commitment to its community, TEI’s recent renovation project represents an $11 million investment that has served its Oak Lane neighborhood and the tri-state region since 1978.

The Eye Institute’s services include adult and pediatric primary vision care, which includes testing for vision problems, with treatments typically resulting in the prescription of eyeglasses or contact lenses. Comprehensive primary eye care examinations also include a thorough assessment of the external and internal ocular health with pupil dilation. The Eye Institute can also provide vision care services to infants and toddlers in the pediatric service. 

Other Services provided in The Eye Institute include:

  • Specialty contact lens design and fitting for patients with difficult refractive conditions, visual or cosmetic challenges of keratoconus or corneal scarring.
  • The William Feinbloom Rehabilitation Center - located at The Eye Institute - provides specialized vision and rehabilitative assessments and training for individuals with visual impairments that cannot be corrected with routine spectacle or contact lenses. The prescription of telescopes, microscopes and other special devices are often used to treat patients with eye diseases and congenital disorders, which result in significantly reduced vision.
  • Binocular vision problems and visual perceptual problems, which may contribute to reading or learning difficulties for children or adults, can be evaluated and treated with The Eye Institute’s binocular vision service. Treatment for these problems may include eyeglasses, vision therapy or both.
  • Medical eye care consultations and treatments in glaucoma, cataract and external disease, vitreo-retinal disease and neuro-ophthalmic conditions are available in The Eye Institute’s Specialty Service. These services are provided by a group of uniquely trained optometrists and ophthalmologists.

In April 2010, The Eye Institute underwent an extensive, $11 million renovation that ended in December 2011. The result is a welcoming, state of the art clinical facility, where patients receive comprehensive eye care from faculty and students during their more than 40,000 annual visits.

Services (Satellites)

In addition to the many services available at The Eye Institute (Oaklane), primary eye care services are available at two additional locations in Philadelphia: The Eye Institute at Chestnut Hill and The Eye Institute at Falls Center.