Guiding Principles of the NCLVI Public Advisory Council

As of January 12, 2005

We are in agreement that the purposes of the NCLVI Public Advisory Council are worthy of our commitment to the following:

  1. If we disagree, we will do so respectfully.
  2. We will listen and consider all perspectives expressed by members.
  3. We will keep, foremost in our minds, the long-range objectives of increasing the quantity and quality of leadership personnel who will ultimately influence improved services for individuals with visual impairments birth to 21 including those with multiple disabilities. 
  4. We understand that different universities and organizations operate differently and we respect these differences. 
  5. We agree to give priority to outcome-oriented agenda items and if we fail to reach consensus, we agree to place the issue in the “parking lot” to revisit at a future time.
  6. We will respect and promote diversity in all its many forms.
  7. Once we have reached consensus, in order to change the decision of the full group, we must involve the full group.
  8. When someone needs a break, discussion will cease and a break will be called.
  9. When PAC members are not able to be present at a meeting, they will appoint a proxy.