PCO Low Vision Internship Program -- Philadelphia, PA

Invitation - The Pennsylvania College of Optometry (PCO) is inviting applications for its Low Vision Internship Program, beginning the summer of 2007. The program is dedicated to expanding the awareness and skills of professionals serving individuals with low vision. The initiative targets highly motivated professionals who desire to assume leadership roles and responsibilities that affect service delivery for individuals with low vision, as well as personnel preparation in the field of low vision.

The program is designed to focus on interdisciplinary strategies that build on low vision education and rehabilitation practices. Initiatives encompass a variety of potential areas [depending on the interest and expertise of the applicant(s)], including: participation in course development; low vision laboratory activities; clinical low vision assessment and instruction activities; interaction with a variety of interdisciplinary professionals serving the low vision population; field visits to optical design labs, low vision clinics, etc.; and, potential projects such as videotaping experts in the field of low vision, grant development, etc.

For additional perspective on the design of the internship program, applicants should contact Dr. Audrey J. Smith at 215-780-1359 or audrey@salus.edu (cc: trobbins@salus.edu).

Qualified Applicants - Candidates should be currently pursuing a post-graduate course of study in a discipline relevant to education and rehabilitation, be desirous of a creative, flexible working environment, and be responsive to challenges befitting industrious, motivated, enterprising and resourceful leaders.

Structure - The Low Vision Internships are designed to provide a flexible on-campus and distance experiences within a clearly defined set of goals and objectives. The length of the internship will approximate four to six weeks. Specific projects will vary, depending on the interests and ability of each candidate. Emphasis will be on interdisciplinary strategies that enhance low vision education and rehabilitation practices. Interns will work directly with Audrey J. Smith, PhD, CLVT, COMS, and Kathleen M. Huebner, PhD, COMS, and other departmental faculty appropriate to the project.

Internship Awards - All internship participants will be offered a housing or living stipend to support relevant expenses during the period of the internship program.

Applications - To apply, send a resume or CV along with a letter of interest via e-mail to The National Center for Leadership in Visual Impairment (NCLVI), c/o Dr. Kathleen Mary Huebner, kathyh@salus.edu, and cc: Dr. Audrey J. Smith, audrey@salus.edu.