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Shirin Antia, MEd PhD

Shirin Antia, MEd, PhD

University of Arizona

Dr. Shirin Antia is a full professor at the University of Arizona in the Department Disability and Psychoeducational Studies. She received an MEd and PhD in Special Education from the University of Pittsburgh, a BA in Education and English literature from Calcutta University, (India) and a diploma in teaching deaf students from The Educational Audiology and Research Institute in Bombay (India). She was born and educated in India and has considerable international and inter-cultural experiences in special education. She teaches graduate courses in the areas of language development of exceptional children, language and literacy assessment and intervention of Deaf/Hard of Hearing children, and research. She has been a board member of the Council on Education of the Deaf and involved in the revision of teacher preparation standards. Dr. Antia has also served as the president of the Association of College Educators‑ Deaf/Hard of Hearing. Her research interests are in the area of peer interaction, social integration, and best practices in inclusion of Deaf and Hard of Hearing children. She has authored numerous research articles and chapters on these topics. Most recently she was the principal investigator of a research grant to examine the social and academic status and progress of deaf and hard of hearing students in public schools over a five-year period, and she currently is the principal investigator of a personnel preparation grant to prepare teachers of Deaf/Hard of Hearing. In 2007 she became a College of Education Erasmus Circle Fellow in recognition of her teaching, service and research contributions, and in 2009 she was awarded Sister Mary Delaney award from the Association of College Educators-Deaf//Hard of Hearing for her service and leadership to the profession.