University Consortium Member

Roseanna Davidson, University Consortium Member

Roseanna Davidson, Ed.D.

Texas Tech University

Roseanna C. Davidson, Ed.D., is an associate professor and is the Coordinator of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing program as well as the Coordinator of the Deafblind program at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX.  Over the years, Dr. Davidson has served as the principal investigator on multiple personnel preparation grants such as the current Children with Sensory Impairments (CSI) project. She recently completed a five-year research project designed to establish the validity and reliability of the Functional Hearing Inventory (FHI) as a tool to help parents and teachers assess how children and youth with deafblindness use their residual hearing within their natural environments. She has published a variety of books and peer-reviewed articles on children with sensory disabilities and personnel preparation. She has a background in speech pathology and audiology and received her Ed.D. with a focus on Visual Impairments and Severe Disabilities from Texas Tech University.