Pennsylvania College of Optometry
Doctor of Optometry

Scholars Program


The Doctor of Optometry Scholars Program requires the classroom and clinical equivalency of our traditional program. Pending approval by the curriculum committee, all students enrolled in the Scholars Program will complete the following coursework at PCO:

Clinical Medicine 1 and 2
Clinical Problem Solving (CPS)
Clinical Skills 1 - 4
Contact Lenses 1 and 2  
Doctor/Patient Relationship
Evidence-Based Medicine
Head and Neck Anatomy
Healthcare Systems and Practice Management
Human Development
Integrated Organ Systems *
Introduction to Optometry and the Healthcare System
Management of Glaucoma
Molecular/Cellular Processes A and B
Neuro Ophthalmic Diseases
Normal and Abnormal Binocular Function 1 - 3
Ocular Biology 1 and 2
Ocular Emergencies
Ocular Motility
Ocular Science and Anterior Segment Disease 1 and 2
OPOA 2 and Management of Vision Problems
Optical Principles and Ophthalmic Applications I (OPOA I A and B)
Optics of the Eye
Personal Career Planning
Posterior Segment Disease
Professional Practice
Psychophysics and Physiology of Monocular Vision
Pediatrics and Infant Vision
Special Topics in Environmental Optometry
Vision Rehabilitation