Pennsylvania College of Optometry
Doctor of Optometry

Traditional Program


A professional education carries variable costs that are dependent on a number of factors. In addition to tuition and fees, there are living expenses, books, equipment and incidental expenses to be considered.

A variety of financial assistance is available to students in the form of scholarships, grants, student loans, and work-study opportunities.

2013-2014 Doctor of Optometry Program Tuition

  • Tuition: $35,150
  • Tuition reduction available through Presidential Scholarships - up to $6,500
  • Fees: $600
  • Books & instruments -: $3,640

Activity fees are charged at the beginning of the first semester. 
Laboratory fees are charged each semester from fall of the first year through fall of the third year. 
Technology fees
are charged every semester

Refund Policy

University Refund Policy   

Matriculants who withdraw from the University on or prior to April 1 will be refunded 100 percent of their paid University matriculation deposit less a $100 administrative fee.  The administrative fee is still required of all matriculants, even if no University matriculation deposits have been paid.

Matriculants who withdraw from the University after April 1 (March 15 for OD Scholar Program), but before the first day of class, will forfeit all matriculation deposits paid to the University.

Enrolled students who withdraw or are dismissed from the University will be responsible for the payment of tuition in accordance with the institutional refund schedule.

Institutional Refund Schedule

The institutional charge is based on the number of days a student is enrolled at the University prior to the date of withdrawal or dismissal date.

The formula is calculated as follows:
Number of days attended
divided by
Total days in the enrollment period*
(*including weekends and holidays, less any scheduled breaks greater than five days)

The resulting fraction is converted to a percentage; therefore, if there are 90 days in the academic period, the following would apply:

Withdrawal on the 10th day     -    Institutional charge    =    11.1%
Withdrawal on the 25th day     -    Institutional charge    =    27.8%

Any percentage of attended days above 60% results in a 100% charge.