College of Health Sciences

Physician Assistant Program


Qualified candidates are invited for interview on an ongoing basis until the class is filled. The Physician Assistant Admissions Committee regularly reviews the files of all candidates who have completed an on-campus interview. The Committee reserves the right to hold an admissions decision until the application file is complete with all necessary requirements. Candidates meeting the entrance requirements are then admitted until the class capacity is reached. It is to each student’s advantage to apply as early as possible to ensure full consideration for admission.

It is required that an applicant have a minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Students with less than a 3.0 grade point average should consult the Office of Admissions prior to applying.

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Required Prerequisites

Prerequisite course work must be completed within ten years of the anticipated entrance date to the physician assistant program.

A candidate must have completed a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited undergraduate college or university (If accepted into the Brigham Young-Idaho 3+2 Affiliation program, at least 90 semester hours of credit must be completed prior to enrollment. If accepted into the Western New England University 3+2 Affiliation program, at least 101 semester hours of credit must be completed prior to enrollment.)

Undergraduate credits must include the "pre-physician assistant” (pre-professional) courses listed below, completed with a 2.0 ( C ) or better. An applicant need not have completed all prerequisites prior to filing an application, but must be able to complete all outstanding prerequisites prior to enrolling. In order to fairly evaluate a candidate, no more than two prerequisite courses should be taken in the semester prior to the start of the program in August.
Completion of the following courses:

Four Semester Credits* in each of the following courses:

  • Anatomy and Physiology I (or Anatomy) with laboratory  
  • Anatomy and Physiology II (or Physiology) with laboratory
  • Chemistry I with laboratory
  • Chemistry II (or Organic Chemistry) with laboratory
  • Biology I with laboratory
  • Biology II (or Genetics or Microbiology) with laboratory

Three Semester Credits in each of the following courses:

  • Intro to Psychology or General Psychology
  • Mathematics or Statistics
  • English Composition

To better prepare you for the basic and clinical science courses in the program, we encourage - but do not require – courses in organic chemistry, genetics, microbiology, developmental psychology, abnormal psychology, statistics, immunology, cell biology, and/or biochemistry.

*Three semester credit course/s may be reviewed on an individual basis.