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A few months prior to commencement, the inaugural class of Master of Public Health graduates was asked for their comments about the MPH program. Five of the six members of the MPH Class of 2013 responded and their thoughts are shown below, along with their photos.

Harry L. Bowers III, MPH ’13Harry L. Bowers III, MPH ’13

Mr. Bowers and his family have moved back to Ethiopia. During this transition he is working with a mission organization while he decides how he wants to utilize his MPH degree.

The pursuit of a Master's in Public Health degree has been a personal desire since I was first exposed to working in the developing world.  It was never really an option due to being settled in a remote area.  The creation of the Salus University MPH provided the online access I needed to complete this study.  Salus has provided me the chance to utilize experience, combined with the academics, to pursue this degree and utilize the knowledge to further enhance the work of improving health in the developing world.  It has been an honor to be a part of this inaugural class.  My classmates have challenged me to think beyond myself and discover the bigger affect.  It has been a wonderful experience and will always bring fond memories to mind and a smile to my face.  I could not have asked for better guidance through the designers of the program as well as the instructors.  I am a better person because of my interaction with my classmates.  Sincere congratulations and best wishes to my colleagues as we go out and make a difference in public health.   I raise my mortar board to you all!!

Heidi M. Bowie, OD ’00, MPH ’13

Heidi M. Bowie, OD ’00, MPH ’13

Dr. Bowie is an optometrist and clinical researcher

I would highly encourage health care professionals or students who are interested in working with populations to apply to the Salus MPH program. I think the core classes were excellent and provided a great foundation. For me, this has a great experience and I am certainly grateful I was able to be a part of it.

Ryan R. Manning, MPH ’13

Ryan R. Manning, OD MPH ’13

Optometry Chief (acting) at Phoenix Indian Medical Center; Lieutenant Commander (LCDR), US Public Health Commissioned Corps

Completing the MPH has been a goal of mine since joining the US Public Health Service.  This program allowed me flexibility to work around my busy work and personal schedule.  With this knowledge I have a better understanding of the mission of my organization and now view healthcare in a different light. 

Melissa A. Padilla, MPH ’13Melissa A. Padilla, MPH ’13

Director, Professional Studies and International Programs, Salus University

The Master in Public Health program provided me with a fantastic opportunity to earn a graduate degree while blending the study of science, business and humanities in the healthcare arena. The instructors’ expertise, insights and mentorship inspired me to re-evaluate my role in improving the health and wellbeing of people worldwide. I look forward to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

MaryAnn Ragone, MAS, MPH ’13MaryAnn Ragone, MAS, MPH ’13

President/CEO, South Jersey Eye Center
President/CEO, New Jersey Eye Clinic

The education that I received in the Master of Public Health program at Salus University was dynamic, professional, creative and meaningful.  The online course study afforded me the opportunity to continue to work full-time, continue with other obligations, and work at the pace that was best for me.  The curriculum was fair yet challenging, and provided me with a well-rounded education. I met and studied with many intelligent and experienced people from all walks of life and from all over the world who have opened my eyes to new areas of interest and new opportunities.  My professors were inspiring and fascinating professionals who made my course work more enjoyable and fulfilling than I imagined. It was a privilege and honor to interact with faculty who are experts in their field on a national and international level.  I was encouraged to become a critical and reflective thinker, which is significant in graduate education, and to develop as an individual.  The MPH program will always be a valuable experience for me - not only in my current position as president/CEO for a non-profit, but for my future endeavors.  I will forever be grateful for this opportunity to be a part of the inaugural MPH program at Salus University.  It has been a wonderful life changing journey.

Elizabeth A. Tonkery, OD, MPH ’13

Assistant professor, Salus University Pennsylvania College of Optometry

Dr. Tonkery’s statement and photo are pending.