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Salus University offers personalized opportunities for those seeking public health knowledge, skills and strategies to achieve the goals and spirit of the Istanbul Declaration*. As a health professions graduate and doctorate level university committed to a holistic approach to healthcare, Salus has the programs, experience and knowledge needed for a program grounded in evidence-based public health principles and practices. We offer a web-based Master of Public Health (MPH) degree program, Public Health Certificate Programs, and other initiatives that promote student engagement and impact, all with the ultimate goal of protecting and enhancing health and well being worldwide.

We invite you to learn more about our public health programs, our admissions requirements, and our curricula. Please use the links on the left menu bar for more information, email us at, or call 800.824.6262 (215.780.1301).

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Now is the time to make a new commitment to the health of populations. The need for improvement and maintenance of public health must now be recognized, advocated and achieved by all policy-makers and decision-takers….

* “The Istanbul Declaration -- Health: The First Human Right," 12th World Congress on Public Health, 1 May 2009.