College of Health Sciences

Public Health Programs

Tuition 2013-2014 

A professional education carries variable costs that are dependent on a number of factors. In addition to tuition and fees, there are books and incidental expenses to be considered.

  • Tuition: $675 per credit
  • Technology fee: $115 per term

Tuition and fees are due and payable two weeks prior to the start of each session and are subject to change. To pay tuition online

Drop/Add Policy

Drop/Adds must be completed within ten business days after the first day of the term. Some courses start at a time other than the first day of the term but must be added or dropped within the first 10 business days of the term regardless of a course start date. Drop/Adds must be filed directly with the Registrar's office.

Institutional Refund Schedule

The institutional charge is based on the number of days a student is enrolled at the University prior to the date of withdrawal or dismissal date.

The formula is calculated as follows:

Number of days attended
divided by
Total days in the enrollment period*
(*including weekends and holidays, less any scheduled breaks greater than five days)

The resulting fraction is converted to a percentage; therefore, if there are 90 days in the academic period, the following would apply:

Withdrawal on the 10th day     -    Institutional charge    =    11.1%
Withdrawal on the 25th day     -    Institutional charge    =    27.8%

Any percentage of attended days above 60% results in a 100% charge.

Enrolled students who withdraw or are dismissed from the University will be responsible for the payment of tuition in accordance with the Institutional Refund Schedule.