Lawrence-Eng-Larry-Eng.JPGWhy did you chose your particular profession?
I chose my profession after meeting an Audiologist friend of mine whom I worked with in a school for the deaf and hard-of-hearing.
What are some of your favorite memories from Salus/PCO – favorite classes, professors, classmates, clinical experiences, co-workers?
I believe I was in the second graduating class at PCO and had known Dr. George Osborne professionally. I had great respect for him in his vision of the Audiology Doctoral program.

Tell me about your life after Salus/PCO – where do/did you practice, how long?
I was elected President of the American Academy of Audiology in 2015-16. After selling my practice in 2012, I moved to the island of Maui and serve as director of audiology services for Maui Medical Group and sit on the State of Hawaii, newborn hearing advisory group.

As Salus/PCO celebrates 100 years in 2019, what are your hopes for the college in the next 100 years?
My hope for Salus/PCO is to continue with the vision of accelerating the healthcare field with qualified well-trained and medical professionals.