• I remember Old Main with the creaking floors and the wonderful classrooms on both sides of the hallway.
  • I remember the pool in the basement near 
  • the bookstore where Andy distributed textbooks and equipment. Andy was a middle-aged gentleman who walked around with a “Mr. Rogers” type cardigan. Once we students paid our tuition at the bursar upstairs, we went downstairs to the bookstore where Andy dispensed books and instruments.
  • I remember that tuition for an entire year was $1,200.
  • I remember the clinic on Spring Garden Street.  The Podiatry College was across Spring Garden Street and we examined the podiatry students' eyes and they took care of our feet.
  • I remember the white clinic uniforms and matching white buck shoes that we were required to wear.
  • I remember the clinic at Byberry Mental Hospital where we examined the patients.
  • I remember the baseball field behind Old Main.
  • I remember the graduation on the grass in front of Old Main, the wonderful graduation address by Dr. Larry Fitch, and the presentation of diplomas on the steps.
  • I remember in the photograph below, my classmate Kenneth Brehne was looking through the lensometer, and Dr. Phillip Hooten was the instructor.
  • I am still practicing in Willow Grove, PA.